Our Support

Our Support

ITEC offers fine-tuned customization support to best fit your needs.
Following support is available from ITEC:

  • Firmware Definition Stage:
    Based on required specifications, ITEC plans, proposes and make firmware modifications

  • Firmware Adoption stage:
    As firmware is adopted for specific application, ITEC updates interface software routines in order to support client’s set of peripheral device

  • PCB Development Stage:
    As client begins the development of target PCB, based on CHIPO2/CHIPO2 PLUS, ITEC assists with board layout, and if required, ITEC can also create and test the PCB

  • R & D consultation:
    Not limited to CHIPO2/CHIPO2 PLUS based PCB, ITEC offers wide range of R&D consultation to speed up our clients’ design process

* Some of services described above may incur individual R&D fees