About Us

About Us

Expertise in Patient Monitoring:

ITEC specializes in designing and developing of Pulse Oximetry, Capnography,
EKG and other patient monitoring technologies. Our mission is to bring
the reliable, quality and cost-effective Pulse Oximetry and other patient
monitoring needs into clients’ products.

Innovative OEM Solutions and Support:

ITEC innovation offers proven clinical performance on an OEM basis, which offers
opportunities for our clients to successfully integrate Pulse Oximetry and other
patient monitoring technologies into their products.

Within ITEC Pulse Oximetry, our clients are able to find the best suitable option
for their needs. From the most cost-effective performance to the
performance-enhanced technology, ITEC offers the complete solution.

ITEC recognizes that each client’s need is unique, and often requires
customized support. ITEC guides our clients through design process, configures
firmware to meet requirements,and help our clients to overcome various R&D