CHIPO2 PLUS – Performs in difficult environment

It is a common argument in these days that the conventional pulse Oximetry has to offer limited capabilities in various challenging situations in the clinical field.
Our CHIPO2 PLUS, with its proprietary technology, focuses on the performance enhancement in order to cope with suchsituations. ITEC’s performance-enhanced version of the Pulse Oximetry technology offers superior performance against lowly perfused pulse signals, even better than many of so-called “digital”pulse oximeters.

Facts about CHIPO2 PLUS:

  • CHIPO2 PLUS uses proprietary algorithmic method to significantly increase resolution of signal acquisition from SpO2 sensor:

  • CHIPO2 PLUS utilizes fast microprocessor that allows sampling Pulse Oximetry signals two times faster than CHIPO2, results in reducing in-band noise:

  • This fast microprocessor also allows applying more elaborate digital filtration algorithm to reduce off-band noise:

Comparison Data on CHIPO2 PLUS performance is available upon request.