CHIPO2 is a mixed signal semi-custom IC that combines the major parts
of Pulse Oximetry analog front-end with Oximetry Computational Module.

  It includes:
    - Analog Section
    - Oximetry Control Section
    - 16-bit RISC Processor
    - RAM
    - Flash ROM containing proprietary Pulse Oximetry Algorithm
    - Parallel I/O
    - Serial I/O (UART, PI, I2C)
    - Powered by 3.3V, Oximetry Sensor could be powered either
by 3.3V or 5V
    - Power Consumption (when running Oximetry only, excluding
sensor): 0.6mA & 3.3V
    - Compatible with industry standard Pulse Oximetry
sensors (red wavelength 660nm/infrared wavelength 905nm)

    Low cost CHIPO2 offers a great deal of flexibility in product developmentand its
system integrations, with a reliable performance level of standardPulse Oximetry.

Do you have needs of advanced, performance-enhanced Pulse Oximetry?

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